Tuesday, September 10, 2013

blackbird flies south for the fall/winter

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I usually shop for fall/winter clothes in the spring/summer and spring/summer clothes in the fall/winter in order to find the best deals on seasonal clothes (think coats and open toed shoes). This spring/summer, I spent most of my time (and money) buying up the more trendy items (think crop tops and high waisted jeans) and I didn't get around to buying as many cold weather clothes as I would have liked. And honestly, I don't feel like paying 30% to 40% more for a sweater just because it's fall/winter time.

With back-to-school winding down and fall coming up, I've been feeling that itch that comes with every sale-sign sighting and payday arrival - I want to shop. While most people consider back-to-school season as the prime time for updating their closets with trendy pieces, seasonal essentials, and not-so-necessary-necessities, I find the lull between tax-free weekend and the official first day of fall (which falls on September 22nd this year) one of the most exciting shopping times of the year. Why? Because almost everything is cheap. Yes. I am a bargain shopper. Of course there are times when I splurge, but take notice that I consider an item price of over $50 pushing it (and it better be a nice pair of jeans 'cause Lord knows I'm not paying $50 for a shirt).

Last weekend, I went to a couple thrift stores to get a few seasonally appropriate clothes (check out this hilarious post from the other blog I co-run about how important these are - Corner of Spring) and scratch that shopping itch without breaking bank.

I bought this Hawaiian button up shirt (pictured above) for only $2.80. Score. I really enjoyed seeing this dad-inspired trend resurface a year ago in men's fashion ( via The Sartorialist and Joe.ie) but didn't see many women rocking these fresh-from-my-fathers-collection shirts. I expect to see stores carrying shirts like these in spring/summer of 2014, courtesy of who else but hipsters (via Buzzfeed). 

I enjoy the contrast of a shirt associated with warmer weather being worn during the colder seasons. Plus, this gave me the perfect opportunity to try my hand at mixing prints. The last time I tried this, I failed. Miserably. Leave a comment telling me how you think I did. (note: all comments saying I did bad will be deleted, after all this is a feigned democracy and my blog)

I really love these shorts I bought 2 or 3 years ago, but I haven't really known what to wear them with. Thankfully, I live in semi-coastal Texas (is that even geographically possible?), aka the land with no real seasonal changes (ie: "what is winter? it's been summer for like 5 years"), so it's likely I will be able to wear these shorts well into the end of December - that is unless we have one of those freak winters with snow and record low temperatures. 

Which I will gladly embrace while wearing this Hawaiian shirt, a pair of tailored sweatpants, and some combat boots. Take that, Jack Frost.


  1. Great look! :) Thanks for follow me! I follow you back1 :)


  2. what can i say? I definitely cant say that you didnt do good because that will be a lie. You look take-away in those outfits. They'll definitely sell over here in Naija.