Monday, September 2, 2013

blackbird pretends to be a dove for the day

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Holidays are some of the best ideas ever, even better than the invention of the hands free feeding trough used for burger eating on the go (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here). It doesn't matter what the occasion is - any reason to spend time with family, eat a good meal (or five), and remember what it is truly important is a good enough reason in my book. My weekend leading up to this year's Labor Day saw 12 people sharing 3.5 bathrooms, 5 trips to the airport, and a fridge full of food that will serve as lunch for the next month. 

Holidays also give me a great reason to play dress up. I've seen a lot of people doing monochromatic looks lately (but none have pulled it off as majestically and effortlessly as the white tiger/tigress I saw at the aquarium, pictured above. work-it-boo-two-snaps-and-a-hair-flip). And since there's that "no white after labor day" (non)rule, I decided to get my Coco Chanel on and white it out for the day.

beanie - forever 21
dress - old slip I stole from my mom's closet years ago
purse - charming charlie's
shoes -
jewelry - forever 21, agaci, charming charlie's
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of me in my outfit as I spent the entire day driving to and from the airport in my pjs with my hair in giant braids. Cute, I know. 

Here are my three online picks for the all white trend (and they're all on sale too!!)

Harness Belt - Nasty Gal
Ex-Boyfriend Jeans - Nasty Gal

Floral Lace A-Line Dress - Forever 21 

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  1. This is succhhh an amazing outfit post! Haha I love how you are purposely going to break that (silly) rule! I love your attitude and your blog!

    Keep it up!