Thursday, October 24, 2013

art thursday

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We live in a world where everything can be considered art - from the cute little dance bees do as communication, to paintings done by Renoir. In our mordern world, music is art, literature is art, even science can be an art form. With this being said, it shouldn't surprise you when I say social networking site Instagram is an emerging platform for artists and their art.

Now here me out. Not every #selfie or food picture is a work of art, even though the poster may very well believe so (and that's ok since it's your Insta and you can post whatever you want), but among all the pyrite, there are some true gems to be found. Check out's "Best of Instagram" weekly round up for a few shining examples. I'm a little dissapointed there aren't any selfies, but I'll let it slide since the pictures that are included are absolutely breathtaking (just not in that "perfect selfie" kind of way).

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