Tuesday, October 29, 2013

dark moon child

dark moon child

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I worked at a fashion boutique/museum for most of summer 2011 and I remember my boss pulling out a box of wide brimmed wool and felt hats. She told me to post them to our eBay account for $50 each. I was confused as to why she thought they would go for so much, as wide brimmed hats weren’t on trend that year. Little did I know.
Fall is the beginning of hat season, so it’s time to gear up. Be on the look out for wide brimmed, witchy hats as a staple piece to spook up any outfit. 
If I had/could afford all theses pieces (peep that $4,650 price tag on the YSL dress), this would be my Halloween costume. Think The Craft meets Tokyo street style. So me.

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