Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Houston, we have margaritas

Aside from being able to interject the word "y'all" seamlessly into any (and sometimes every, if I am feeling particularly southern) conversation, never being too far away from a restaurant/bar that sells ridiculously good margaritas is one of the greatest gifts Texas, as a state, has ever given me. 

This years Houston Margarita Festival was a good experience. Having read horror stories about long lines and tequila shortages, I was determined to get there early. This idea may have been the reason why I had such a great time. Although the drinks were pretty pricey, there was a lot of variety (lime, strawberry, cucumber apple, grape, and even chocolate flavored margaritas to name a few). I really enjoyed the food vendors ($3 kobe beef brisket tacos!), musical acts, and people-watching. Seriously, the best part of events like this one is getting a drink, plopping down on the cool grass, and people watching from behind the safety of a pair of sunglasses. If that's not your thing, they also had salsa dancing and limbo competitions. Margaritas + limbo = yes, a thousand times, yes. 

If you're from the Houston area, make sure to head to next years' festival!

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