Sunday, October 13, 2013

it's a boy!

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Today was my friend's baby revealing party. I was really excited to go because I had never been to one before and any reason to eat cupcakes, to me, is good reason. 

My sister came up with the really cute idea of making building block boxes and putting cupcakes inside. When everyone bit into the cupcakes, they would find out what the baby's gender was by the filling color - blue or pink. Attendees would wear the color of their guess - if you thought boy, then blue; if girl, then pink.

 This gave me the perfect chance to wear this blue on blue outfit I've been eyeing in my closet. I bought the blazer years before I saw the jeans on Nasty Gal and I've been waiting to finally get to wear this bold of a color combo outfit out.

Since my guess was boy, I decided this occasion was the perfect excuse. Still, I wanted to cover all my bases and wore this pink heart crop top and pink heart bracelet in case it was a girl.

Either way, I was going to be right. And if you didn't already guess from the post title, it's a boy! 

This post is submitted to the IFB Blazer Project.