Friday, October 11, 2013

l'enfer, c'est les autres

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"Hell, is other people."

I love reading and have an extreme fondness for existential philosophy. I remember the first time I read Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit". It was during my senior year of university and I was taking an intro to existentialism course. When I read Sartre at an airport bar, waiting for my flight to board, I couldn't help feeling like some tortured philosopher in a French cafe struggling through a dark night of the soul, comforting herself with a mountain of french fries and a jack and coke (looking back, i think a vodka tonic would have been more authentic). 

"No Exit" is about three newly departed souls that find themselves in Hell, but not the Hell they were expecting. The short play explores what it means to live - and die - from an existential point of view.

I recently completed reading one of Sartre's other plays, "Dirty Hands", and found myself in every character; my inner Machiavelli and Kant fought the entire time. And only one ended up with dirty hands.

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