Monday, October 21, 2013

music monday

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I was catching up on my ASOS magazine reading and stumbled upon this lovely gem of a track by Foreign Skin. According to soundcloud, Foreign Skin is a "Brighton based audio/Visual, self styled producer of ambient, chill out, hip hop and electronic music." Although this is a great description, I would say it's incomplete; they left out the "genius". Flavia Aliverti, is the 22 year old genius behind Foreign Skin and other project, F.L.A.

As a lover of artists like Gold Panda and Star Slinger, I noticed that Foreign Skin runs in that same vein of tripped out, no-need-to-get-high-to-feel-high music. The soundscapes created on tracks like her remix of Bon Iver's "Wash" are other wordly. Don't be suprised if you feel weightless while listening to it and try not to get lost in the depth. Check out her Tumblr and Soundcloud for more music, then head over to her Bandcamp for some free downloads. I promise, you won't regret it.

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