Friday, November 1, 2013

the only coat you will ever need (maybe)

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Florals are a strictly spring print, right? WRONG. This year, floral in the winter is the go-to print for "fashion people" (Who are these people? Is there a club? Can I join?) who want to seem avant-garde and the antithesis of everything Meryl Streep hated when she spoke those infamous lines in "The Devil Wears Prada" -

Unlike their springtime counterpart, winter florals are darker. Duh, right? You must be thinking "Is this chick really serious? Of course winter florals will be darker. It's freaking winter". While I bask in the warm glow of stupidity for a moment, check out that breathtaking coat choice up top. Winter florals done so right, it almost seems wrong. Are mere mortals allowed to drape themselves in such wear? Would the gods look down and end humanity for looking more fabulous than they? Forget Obamacare sign-up numbers and logistics, people. These are the real questions that need answering.

If I owned this coat I would probably never wear it. Why? Because I'd spend hours arguing with myself over whether or not I was qualified to be such a bad-a$$ lady. Am I allowed to look so put together when I do things like burp and fall on my face (see video here)? Seeing that the price tag ($1,520) is well out of my current budget, I won't be having this internal dialogue any time soon. Bummer. But if you can afford it I urge you to BUY THIS COAT. And Instagram a couple of pictures of you wearing it so I can live vicariously through you. I promise I won't crop out your face and replace it with my own. Don't be weird.

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