Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: The Guy

Last year, I was in a relationship during the holidays. Even though both of our birthdays are in December, we didn't exchange presents mainly because he was a bum and I was naive. We split about a month into the new year and, in retrospect, I was lucky I hadn't spent any serious money on presents I would have to somehow reclaim custody of post-breakup. I avoided that awkward returning-of-the-possessions-ritual by mailing him his stuff even though he lived only 15 minutes away. All the stuff I left with him got "charged to the game" (urban dictionary ftw). Have I mentioned I am a certified confrontation avoidance expert/ninja? It's a gift. To honor all the couples who can survive the pressures of the holiday season, this guift guide has all the perfect gifts for the special guy in your life (for me, it's Ryan Gosling).

This guy has impeccable taste in clothes without being too obsessed with fashion - he's more into style. He has a signature scent and always looks good in navy (what guy doesn't?). He does most of his social interaction in person or through a landline (is a guy with limited social networks extremely hot or is that just me?) but enjoys the time he does spend with his iPad. He's a sucker for a nice pair of shoes and a statement watch. And with a face like that, I don't mind getting him that Rolex he's been eyeing. No take-backs.

Shop the guide by clicking the items listed below and don't forget to leave a comment about what you're getting that special guy in your life.


  1. now i need a GF. Pls kindly organise one for me...lol! What a blog! It's december already and I am counting the days; cant wait see y'all.

    1. Hahaha when we see each other, we'll start planning our attack lol! Glad you enjoyed it. See you soon!

  2. So perfect! This is a great set! More guys need to dress like this, ahaha ;D

    <(") Hoda